Getting Started

At Merlin Day Academy, we strive to tailor our special education with multidisciplinary therapeutic supports to meet each child’s individual needs. In order to achieve this, we require all our families to follow a pre-registration procedure which includes completing the enrollment packet, then our billing department runs the family’s insurance/benefits to determine what services are approved/covered for the child. Here are more details about this process: 

Step One


Receive a tour of Merlin Day Academy with our Director where you can view our sensory friendly and student-centered classrooms, interactive sensorimotor gyms, innovative sensory retreat rooms, quiet rooms for breaks, and more. You will also receive an information packet and general pricing overview.

Merlin Day Academy Therapeutic Gym

Step Two

Meet and Greet

Come on-site with your child and their potential teacher for an informal screening to support classroom placement. We strive to tailor our multidisciplinary approach to meet each child’s individual needs and our staff love what they do, going above and beyond to make your child’s growth and progress their number one priority by working collaboratively to cultivate relationship-based, family-centered care.

Merlin Day Academy Meet and Greet

Step Three

Individual Evaluations As Needed

An initial evaluation is conducted with your child to identify needs, level of support, and set goals, including an Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist, Physical Therapist, Social Worker, if needed, and Board-Certified Behavior Analyst.

Merlin Day Academy Evaluation

Step Four

Behavior Evaluation

An assessment using observation, interview, and contrived environmental contingencies to determine base-line levels of problem behavior and under what conditions problem behavior is likely to occur in order to select, design, and implement behavioral strategies to decrease the problem behavior. 

Merlin Day Academy Behavior Therapy Evaluation

Step Five

Schedule Created by Administrative Team

Based on team and family recommendations, an individualized schedule is created for each child and sent to the family.

Merlin Day Academy Administration Team

Step Six

Initial Intensive Therapeutic Service Plan Meeting

Meet with your child’s treatment team to review evaluation results and develop individualized, goal-oriented treatment plan.

Merlin Day Academy Administration Team 2

Step Seven

Progress Report and Team Meeting

Semi-annual progress report and meeting between therapists and families, incorporating multi-disciplinary data review to evaluate current program effectiveness and appropriateness of treatment goals and supports.

Merlin Day Academy Progress Report and Team Meeting